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“Remember that time we found that secluded swimming hole and jumped in with nothing on but a smile?

” By removing the booze emphasis from the dating equation and instead focusing on an activity, you’ll keep your clarity of thought and decision making. Fresh air is always a good thing and there’ll be zero chance you’ll end up with a hangover.

Noun, “a dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire”.

Before the word ‘tinder’ was gobbled up by a couple of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and morphed into dating app that revolutionised the daily delivery mechanism for rumpy pumpy, the word, in fact, carried a very different use.

Three months later, as a freshman at Princeton University, I had to figure out the most nonchalant way to tell my new friends and occasional crushes all of this, and that "oh, by the way, I also have an above knee leg amputation." I'd already made the decision to be open about my story in the media, in the campus newspaper, and through my public speaking/advocacy, but getting to know someone on a one-to-one, intimate level was different.

At first, some guys thought the heart transplant made me fragile.

" I didn't tell my Winter Formals date, hoping he'd notice my dance moves more than my penciled on eyebrows and the extra eyeliner I'd applied to make up for my missing eyelashes.

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Forget dropping on an exotic cocktail served up in a flaming antique goblet, spend half of that on a map and head for a mountain! You’ll save your moolah and figure each other out far quicker.

As fun as mid-week bonking with strangers may be, the majority of us are looking for something a little deeper; the chance to connect with someone awesome, getting to know what makes them tick, and creating some happy-infused memories.

get to know someone than by heading into the great outdoors?

It’s important to test the water early with your partner in crime to see whether notions like #vanlife, building a cabin in the woods or just exploring the big, bad world together are things you both believe in.

Those with a hankering for an outdoors life tend to assign greater importance to experiences and not monetary or physical things.


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