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Gardener, historian, author, and plantswoman extraordinaire, Hobhouse has designed gardens all over the world in the course of her 40-year career.According to Philadelphia Flower Show Director, Ed Lindemann, no other British gardener has had a stronger impact on contemporary American gardens, making her a natural fit for this year’s theme, “Great Gardeners of the World.” Unbelievably, Hobhouse has never before participated in a flower show.They are superior plants that will provide longer-lasting beauty all around your home. And the prices are surprisingly low for such high quality.Stop by today to check out our MOSTARDI incredible collection of greenery. But then, that’s what you should expect from Mostardi plants. 4033 West Chester Pike (Rte.3) Newtown Square, PA 19073 610-356-8035 A Step of Faith Choosing a new community is a big step.“There are A panoramic view of Hobhouse’s garden and home, which is known as the Coach House.18 lots of sun-loving euphorbias and plants with aromatic foliage.” There are several varieties of spurges ranging from the 4- foot-tall Euphorbia characias wulfenii to the trailing Euphorbia myrsinites that flows over the pathways.After extensive soil preparation, she began by planting a leafy ftamework of small trees and shrubs tracing the atchitectutal perimeter Lacy-leafed Robinia trees — sheared into “lollipops” — and tightly clipped hedges ol box and yew echo the vertical sttength of the walls and outline the sttaight paths which frame the intetior “I think that when you’te establishing a new garden, far more important than get- February 2001 ‘GREEN SCENE 17 A ! I i i I i i I ting flowers is to get light and shade,” Hobhouse notes.

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Our residential living, assisted living and healthcare services are grounded in a faith-based commitment to provide the highest quality of care to older adults of all backgrounds and faiths. THE English Garden Penelope Hobhouse recreates her Dorset garden at the Philadelphia Flower Show By Marhan M.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2016 https://archive.org/details/greenscene2916edpr ' iiir A Conversation with Penelope Hobhouse Diver Jhoiv J'review • V/7P S irl of ^Jii ■ • !

' i;r THE PENNSYLVANIA IIORTICULTURAL SOCIETY EERRUARY 2001 • .00 609 - 396-1589 FOUR SEASONS SUNROOMS Ss 1 Mw Tuy rami Mira m 1 9 lil 11 li 14 GREEN SCENE • February 2001 | start with high performance plants from Mostardi W e stock flowers, shrubs and trees that are recommened by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s “Gold Medal Award” Program.

I’m very, very happy with the gatden and I’m happy living hete.

And I think it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to reproduce a part of it for the Flower Show.” Hobhouse moved to Dorset seven yeats ago and recalls, “It was completely thrilling because I could make my own garden from scratch.” The property offered one particu- larly appealing feature: a 1/2 acre of ground surrounded by walls and attached to the side of the house like an outdoot room.


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