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But more than just talking dirty, the hosts offer something that feels quietly radical, given conservative Christianity’s long, sexist history of teaching women to obey and serve their husbands: a kind of empowerment.

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On the podcast itself, the hosts don’t discuss LGBTQ sexuality one way or another, but some light digging on the hosts’ blogs turns up disapproving posts that would make any progressive — or really, any of the 62 percent of Americans that support same-sex marriage — feel queasy.

Meanwhile, Parker and her co-hosts also believe in remaining “pure” — that is, not having sex — outside of marriage.

The reality, though, is that most young, unmarried Christians had sex, setting up many religious women to enter into marriage burdened by feelings of guilt or worse.

Maybe more sex therapy could help, but who has time for appointments with three young kids and jobs? Dear Glass, Those are some loaded questions: Is it a problem that your wife has to get intoxicated to enjoy sex with you, or should you be delighted she’s willing to get intoxicated to have sex with you?

From your account, your wife was never that interested in sex, and so you are one of those couples who decided to pair up despite your mismatched libidos.


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