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Higher brows were moved to compare the tone of these mating games with that of Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, though the style owed more to Raymond Chandler or Hemingway than to Shakespeare.

At all events, they brought a new and personal chemistry to the screen which made the partnership refreshingly equal at every level.

If she were true to her own feelings, she would be true to the film. After an emotional episode in a hotel room with Bogart’s Harry Morgan, Bacall’s Marie left him, according to the scenario, and returned to her own room.

Between takes, Bacall grumbled to Hawks: “God, I’m dumb.” “Why? “Well”, she replied, “if I had any sense I’d go back after that guy.” So she did.

and a fall-out seemed to ruin a potential power coupling from the off.

But the pair get one more chance in Wednesday's episode.

As always, things got complicated once they were home…

After a screen test she signed a seven-year contract with Hawks and the producer Jack Warner for 0 a week, changing her name from Betty to Lauren. Taking her to some waste ground, he made her shout Shakespeare and other writers for hours every day in order to lower the tone of what he called her high nasal pipe.

After the daily exercises in the open air her voice became for him (and for the rest of the world) what he called “a satisfactorily low guttural wheeze”.

Although Lauren Bacall was an actress of accomplishment in her own right, it was her acting in only four films with Bogart and their enduring marriage that turned them as a couple into the stuff of legend, and enhanced her own dramatic reputation more than any anything she did elsewhere in films or on stage.

One of her most famous lines was in To Have And Have Not when they were about to go their separate ways after bidding each other goodnight.


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