Who is richard jefferson dating now

It’s a situation that makes too much sense — a steady veteran who has already acquired his money, who is loved in the locker room (see his Snapchat antics), and happy to play a small role at the minimum.In many ways, his career parallels former teammate Vince Carter.He finally won his ring after an empty trip his first year in the league, but the Cavaliers are clearly a team that could win another one.Jefferson has said he might play two to three more years, even.The next year with Dallas, Jefferson’s minutes fell but he was the same, consistent 3-and-D player, shooting well behind the arc while surprising everyone with his bounce off the dribble.Jefferson had actually agreed to return to the Mavericks that following offseason, but Mark Cuban agreed to let him out of that agreement after the De Andre Jordan debacle left Dallas floundering.Even there, where some Spurs fans still hate him, the secret about Jefferson is that he wasn’t ever But for the money the Spurs were paying him at the time, they expected more, like Jefferson had shown at the peak of his days with the Nets.Once the expectations were tempered appropriately, Jefferson quietly became a fantastic player off anyone’s bench.

Via Twitter: Richard Jefferson calls out Draymond Green for criticism about Cavs opponents. They highlight how important Jefferson is coming off the Cavaliers bench.Aren’t you glad he didn’t end up retiring and watching this game while sipping Mai Tais? You probably didn’t hear much about RJ after he was a marquee free agent signing by the San Antonio Spurs and ended up disappointing them there for three years.A lot of the chatter over the last month has been about the inevitability of the Cavaliers and Warriors meeting in the Finals, and the potential degradation to the NBA product because of their playoff dominance.But Cavaliers wing Richard Jefferson sort of wants Green to stop throwing stones from inside his glass house.The NBA-champion Cavaliers visited the White House today for the customary ceremony with the president.


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