Who is avid merrion dating

When I was interviewed about it for the first time, I was in character as Keith Lemon who tells many, many lies.I said it was a mix of a few films and said: "Let's just call it The Secret of My Success 2", but it's not.Do you find it's easier for your personal life to be removed from the spotlight as you have all these personas? People ask me if I have celebrity friends but I say "not really" because they're just my friends.I try and be funny at work and then I go home to my wife and baby and that's it.Leigh Francis is better known by his alter-egos - most recently Keith Lemon, host of the ITV2 comedy quiz show, Celebrity Juice.

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I think they just get carried away with the atmosphere.

Keith has always given a different answer as the reason for the bandage.

He's told the story of a time when he was attacked by a kangaroo for trying to touch his "tallywacker", but often sticks to saying it covers up a rude tattoo.

I feel like I have to defend myself because I know what people are going to think, but I honestly think anyone that likes Bo Selecta! There will be some people who will be saying it's not the right time, but when is the right time?

He died - he's not going to come back alive, so is there a right time?


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