Updating web page without refreshing

Sikuli Script automates anything you see on the screen without internal API's support.

You can programmatically control a web page, a desktop application running on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X, or even an iphone application running in an emulator.

The Definitive Guide to Jython is organized for beginners as well as advanced users of the language.

The book provides a general overview of the Jython language itself, but it also includes intermediate and advanced topics regarding database, web, and GUI applications; frameworks; and integration, concurrency, and parallelism, to name a few. Websphere Application Server Administration Using Jython (January 30, 2010) Utilizing Jython scripting, you can dramatically reduce the effort, resources, and expense associated with managing Web Sphere Application Server.

Please see the NEWS file for detailed release notes.

This is primarily a bugfix release, with numerous improvements, including much improvement on Windows support.

This will make it a great example for adding a builtin since there is no added functionality to obscure the basics.So Jy NI aims to work without any recompilation of Jython or the desired CPython extensions.It neither requires a customized Jython version, nor customized versions of the CPython extensions (of course your Jy NI version must meet the platform your CPython extension was build for).Please see the Release Notes for detailed release notes.Jython 2.5.3 Final Has Been Released (August 13, 2012) The Jython development team is proud to announce the final 2.5.3 release!In this post i will try to explain a bit of what Jython's Proxy Maker is and what benefits the ability to customize/override brings for interop with Java.


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