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Setup a PC manually to have an IP address of with a netmask of (gateway and DNS won't matter).

When you connect to the router at (use an Ethernet cable -- Wi Fi probably won't be working at that point, and it is not safe for loading firmware anyway), you should see a special admin page that allows you to load the firmware again. You can reload the 2.11 firmware or the previous version -- whichever you feel safer doing -- but unless your copy of the 2.11 firmware is corrupted, it is a good version (I have had no problems with it).

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Is there any other method to update firmware without using web interface ?In case you don't have your own copy of the firmware you want to load (or if you want to get it again to make sure that your copy is good) go to »support.dlink.com/Produc ··· =DIR-655 and download the firmware copy that you want to use.I recommend either 2.07 or 2.11 because version 2.10 has several known problems. However the only way I can get on the internet is direct Ethernet from the cable modem.The orange power LED indicates that the router was not able to complete its firmware initialization.The 30-30-30 reset procedure is the only way I know of (short of opening the case and using a JTAG interface) to recover from a failed firmware load.Step 1: Download the latest firmware for your router at Click on Router Tab and Select DIR-890L icon to list the latest firmware available for download.


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