Updating playstation 3 blu ray

Other features include a remote play setting that enables Play Station Portable to serve as a remote control for music played through PS3.In addition, PS3's Web browser has been enhanced to enable streaming of video files directly linked from a Web page, and the console also will be able to play Div X and WMV format videos larger than 2 GB.Images appeared as sharp as we expected, without the softer look characteristic of half-resolution broadcast 3D, .For compatibility testing we tried six of the currently available 3D Blu-ray discs: "Monsters vs.For our test we hooked up our PS3 Slim to a number of 3D TVs in our TV test lab: the --representing all of the current flat-panel 3D TV makers.

We would be surprised, on the other hand, if the showed the same issue.The technology enables movie studios to offer a variety of downloadable content with Blu-ray DVDs, including bonus scenes, shorts, trailers, subtitles, and interactive movie-based games.Ring tones for mobile phones could also be made available."With these regular firmware updates and future-proofed technology, SCEA is making the 10-year life cycle of PS3 possible," Scott A.Steinberg, VP of product marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, said in a statement.Aliens," "Coraline," "IMAX: Under the Sea," "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," and "Monster House." All played without a hitch in 3D mode, as they have on standalone 3D players like the Further compatibility testing performed on an older, 60GB Play Station 3 "fat" (first generation, February 2007 manufacture date) reveals that the player cannot recognize or play back either "Monsters vs.


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