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What’s different about Ribs, Wings and Things from my other business venture attempts is that I’ve been able to work around the costs and financing of the business better; friends and family helped me with that.Also, when you get older you’re just wiser with your decision making.It’s a day to celebrate the joy of adoption but also to remember the loss of first families and ‘honour the full range of experiences and feelings of adoptees’ (paraphrased quote from my friend and new Heart Mama, Erin Jegels).I’m so keen to share this next adoption story – Geoffrey is a Durban-born Glenwood boy who was a student there when my husband was teaching back in the day which is how Geoffrey and I started chatting. Geoffrey, thanks for sharing your personal story with us! To me adoption is when someone is accepted into a family as if they were born from that family. They say blood is thicker than water etc but I don’t always believe in that entirely because sometimes people are meant to be in each other lives for many unknown reasons and adoption allows that to happen. Tell us a bit about yourself and your family I am 25 years of age.Through social media one has access to thousands of people for free.It also helps to have a lot of famous friends who don’t mind putting your stuff on their social media platforms. The biggest challenge is the financial element of the business, especially since it’s grown so much in such a short space of time.The portal does not accept any inappropriate or obscene pictures.So post your pictures with concern as well as caution otherwise you can be in pool of trouble later on.

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Sicela uhlale ukhumbule ukuthi kungenzeka ukubambezeleka ezinkambisweni zebhange nokukhokha.I’d always wanted to get into show business, and comedy requires the lowest start-up capital – all you need is a microphone, a crowd and a spotlight and you’re good to go. But you always hear people saying, don’t give up, and that’s why I’ve just persevered.In the space of a couple of months, Ribs, Wings and Things has employed about nine people, so I do feel like I’m doing my bit, however small, to help things out in the country.We’re building up capital, finding our feet and gaining experience this year and hopefully by the end of 2015, I’ll be able to open my own shop.With the stalls, the spaces are quite small and one has to make an impression right there and then, so the menu is fairly limited.Say you’ve got a fire and you’re trying to make that fire bigger, the fire needs more wood – which in my business is cash.


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