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In addition, proofreading, email writing, Business English, newspaper reading and discussion. Having graduated from University of Toronto, I have years of teaching experience between Canada, South Korea and Hong Kong.

My aim as a tutor is to create in my students a genuine understanding and confidence to use English in their daily lives.

When I tutor, I like to make the sessions very child centered and as personal to the student as possible so that they can enjoy the time they have but gain academically from it too.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

After that I moved to London for 6 years for study and work purposes. I recently came back from a two-month scientific expedition to Honduras as an entomologist.Here, I also taught comprehension and creative writing skills.I have been living in Hong Kong since September and I am currently a full time phonics teacher in a Kindergarten (K1-3).My philosophy is based on the idea that learning happens in an environment we are most comfortable in which the student is encouraged to think and make new connections for themselves.to students because of the ability to tackle the students' difficulties to learning in a way that lays the foundations for a deep and lasting understanding of the language.Furthermore, class schedules may also be adjusted with prior notice. I am self-motivated and I have the ability to work on my own initiative.


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