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If you’re single and dating, then you know what it’s like to weed through online dating profiles.Here are some tips to help you start off in the right direction so that your journey on the road to find your happily ever after is a positive one!Maybe you’ve had the chance to chat online or talk / text on the phone a few times.Even though it may feel like you really know the person, trust me you don’t!If you’re looking for something serious then you may want to pay attention to a few very important online profile guidelines. Shirtless photos or revealing clothes aren’t a good way to attract a quality partner, especially if you’re looking for something serious.Your photos should represent who you really are as a person.

That’s why it’s so important to slow things down, manage your expectations and not get too excited until you after you meet someone in person.There are numerous dating apps and sites from which to choose, and it can be a bit challenging to figure out which one (or ones) you should join.However, in order to select the best dating app and site for you, it’s highly important to think about your dating priorities and non-negotiables so that you can pick a service that’s directly in line with your needs and desires.The app and online dating world can seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new on the scene.However, there are five clear steps that you can take right now to turn this way of meeting people into a real success that enables you to find your true match in every sense.I always say include a full body photo, activity, at least one where you’re more casual; and one where you’re dressed up.


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