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Even by Texas standards, she is something big." "Standing in the lobby crowded with men at the convention she often looked more like a sorority housemother than a gubernatorial candidate seeking votes," read another story.

She came in second for Vice President at the Democratic National Convention in 1972, and, after gaining the admiration of feminist leaders like Gloria Steinem, became the first chair of the National Women's Political Caucus.

For her part, Sissy told the Chronicle in February that she supports her step-grandson personally, despite their political differences.

"Sissy Farenthold is the sort of politician who restores your faith in America.I was hoping, and a part of me actually thought, that the sex addiction was more of a supporting player in the incest storyline, and that the titular “shame” was related to the incest.If you’ve seen the movie then you know that sadly that’s not the case.She was one of only three women in the 800-person class of 1949 at the University of Texas School of Law, where, she says, she faced serious difficulties."As one of the few women enrolled there at the time, just a handful, we were subject to all kinds of speculation, which I really found offensive," Sissy later said.This might be a shame-free blog but I do not lead a shame-free life, so I decided against seeing such a film (especially one with an NC-17 rating) in theaters and EAGERLY anticipated its release for home viewing.


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