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the official date for the services to cease is october 14th.

people in those regions wishing to continue chatting will need to switch to instant messaging via microsoft messenger.

– by zinnermsn plans to close all chatrooms except subscription-only services in the united states and free, monitored forums in australia, brazil, canada, japan and new zealand.

britain's leading internet service provider freeserve slammed the move as a publicity stunt that would lead children to use less safe sites elsewhere.

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“we do not foresee closing our discussion sites,” a spokesman said.t-online excludes anyone reported to have made remarks of a paedophile nature in the chatroom, the spokesman added.“chat rooms are a well used service and we have to hope that not all chat rooms are going to close,” stephane marcovitch, of afa, told afp.the catalyst appears to be the tremendous amount of misuse that is occuring in the chat rooms on a daily basis.the misuse consists of a large amount of spam and pornographic always, the announcement is creating reaction from two sides; advocates applaud the move to protect users and children, whereas others feel it will impede free speech. this is a great move by microsoft, and i hope others follow suit.


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