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Many early columnists used HBO's "Sex in the City" as a template, and as the franchise faded from screens, sex columnists did too.Recently, college sexual assault and rape have become hot-button topics, and some undergraduates say that they are reluctant to take a seemingly frivolous approach to a sensitive topic.As a women’s college, Scripps is acutely aware of the issue of sexual misconduct and sexual violence at colleges and universities.The College is committed to providing effective education, support, and investigative policies and procedures to Scripps students and other community members in order to respond to and remedy instances of sexual misconduct or other harassing behavior.College policy (English, Spanish) prohibits such behavior and, in some instances, such behavior may violate civil and criminal laws.The Scripps Title IX website is a resource for all members of the Scripps community and is intended to: The information available at the 7C Support and Prevention Site complements the information covered here.This year's columnist applied for the job and initially wanted to use her real name.

Reimold said he has never heard of a former sex columnist's career being harmed by their past; rather, some have gone on to other high-profile entertainment or media jobs, including writing for the TV show "Gossip Girl."Elspeth Keller Scott, who wrote a sex and dating column for USC's Daily Trojan and now writes screenplays, said her columns have never come up in her professional life.(Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times) Buried in the back pages of the Claremont Colleges student newspaper is a relic from a distant time when Sarah Jessica Parker was still on HBO every week and Facebook didn't exist. Once common in the early 2000s, Carrie Bradshaw-style articles have become rarer, especially in California.USC, UCLA, and UC Santa Cruz once published weekly articles that focused on everything from bondage to simple advice, but all have ceased."The full-blown, confessional, first-person story seems like it's peaked," said Dan Reimold, a professor at St.Claremont Colleges student newspaper staff, from left, Caroline Bowman, Rachel Lang and Julia Thomas, laugh while writing a headline for the sex column.One reason the column has flourished for so long is because it's anonymous."There's definitely a PR concern," said Lee, who added that he gets requests from alumni who ask him to remove stories they wrote as undergraduates from the paper's website.


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