Self validating bug

You'll also miss out on important information about who you are as a person.Validating your thoughts and emotions will help you calm yourself and manage your emotions more effectively. How do you apply the six levels of validation to self-validation?I know I can handle this at the UI level, but I'd love to have a validation in place to prevent a bug in the UI from allowing it.I've tried validates_exclusion_of, but it doesn't work.

self validating bug-88

Knowing that you are understood and that your emotions and thoughts are accepted by others is powerful. Self-validation is accepting your own internal experience, your thoughts and feelings.

I sense tightness in my stomach, so maybe there is fear as well.” Saying, “I am a total loser and no one wants to spend any time with me,” would not be stating the facts of your experience.

Stating the facts of your experience is validating and helps build trust in your internal experience.

Maybe you are afraid when people argue because in the past arguments led to your being hurt. It’s normal to feel sad, angry, hurt, ashamed, or any other emotion.

Validating yourself by saying, “It’s acceptable and understandable that you are afraid of arguments because when you were young, your parents would hurt each other during arguments." Level 5: Normalizing Sometimes people who have intense emotions don’t see any of their emotional reactions as being normal. At the same time, it’s just as important to validate when others would feel the same way and accept that as well.


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