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Harry Potter star Rupert Grint talks about his new film Cherrybomb and how he feels about the end of Harry Potter IF there’s anything Rupert Grint’s latest film has shown us, it’s that Ron Weasley isn’t as innocent as he seems.Harry Potter star Rupert Grint gets hot and heavy in Cherrybomb with co-star Kimberley Nixon, breaking away from his goofy Potter character with a slightly awkward sex scene and a brand new ‘bad boy’ image.But you just have to get into that moment and get on with it.” He explains: “I picked it because my character, Malachy, is a complicated lad with all kinds of teenage emotions and rebellion swirling around inside.” But he admits he struggled to relate to rebellious, Malachy because of his unusual childhood, growing up in the public eye.“Basically, I was ­starring in the Potter films, earning a good salary and being recognised in the street – who’d want to rebel against that? “I know some people are going to ­criticise the use of drugs in the film but, as I get older, I’m naturally going to do more of these adult roles.” The shoot lasted just four weeks, including rehearsals.It’s worse for Kim [Kimberley Nixon], you see a lot more of her. There wasn’t really a lot of time to do other stuff because we were filming Harry Potter every day of the year, so it’s quite hard to find the gaps to do other things. it’s quite a tough industry to get into so I’ve been quite lucky. Would you ever quit acting and go to university like Emma Watson? It’s a comfortable atmosphere, but the end is quite daunting, we’ve known all the crew for half of our lives and we know the characters so, well, it’s just easy.It’s always going to be an option but I’ll avoid it if I can. But I’m excited as well, I’m looking forward to moving on and seeing what else is there for me. I hope so, we haven’t had a party since the second one. But the first scene, the first day, was pretty cool. Definitely, it’s an intimate process and you do kind of warm to people quite a lot. There’s a big list of people involved but we’ll definitely stay in touch. A few things, I’ve got a film called Wild Target [Rupert plays an assassin’s apprentice] coming out next month. And you’re going to play Eddie the Eagle [British ski-jumping record holder]…can you even ski?Having shot to global stardom at age 11, Rupert hasn’t lived a particularly normal teenage life, but just half-an-hour into Cherrybomb it’s obvious his Potter days haven’t kept him sheltered from Skins-style teenage mayhem.

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Afterwards nobody talked about it, which was kind of a relief.” Fans who’ve followed Rupert’s career are likely to be equally shocked at Cherrybomb.

Coke-snorting and fellatio are all part of the Harry Potter star’s new role in Cherrybomb When Harry Potter fans learned last summer that Rupert Grint and Emma Watson had filmed their long-awaited kiss as Ron and Hermione, they went bonkers – don’t type “Ron Hermione kiss” into Google Images if you want to keep your breakfast down.

Quite how they will contain themselves watching Cherrybomb, Grint’s new, non-Potter film is unclear. I wouldn’t know how to.” He thinks being in Harry Potter has arrested his development more than accelerated it: “Everyone does everything for you.

Did you find it difficult breaking out of your role as Ron Weasley?

I didn’t think about it, Cherrybomb came up quickly, in the space of a week actually, I met the directors and read the script and then was on a flight to Belfast. It’s a real different kind of character, he’s a bit more complicated and I suppose it was a more ‘adult’ role. It’s got this bizarre atmosphere, you have crew watching you and different cameras everywhere and you feel really kind of self-conscious.


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