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But the show was pre-taped, we hear, so the usually brazen Cohen couldn’t ask J. Either way, while Lopez was coy about past paramours, Liotta was a loose cannon. Lo’s previously revealed “five men” have proposed to her — and he asked her to name one suitor she turned down. But Liotta (jokingly, we think) blurted out, “Drake, right?

” Lopez recently shot down rumors she was dating the rapper at all, and said they’d “hung out” at the Grammys. “Goodfellas” star Liotta — who pounded shots on the show with Cohen and Lopez — also said Clint Eastwood was “overrated” as an actor, that his worst on-screen kiss was with Sigourney Weaver and that he couldn’t name any of Lopez’s songs.

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When Cohen asked Lopez if she’d date a man who couldn’t dance and had no rhythm, she mused after a long pause, “Yeah.” Liotta offered, “There’s no way Ben did!

However, Belfast Telegraph reported that the “Born this Way” singer went out to meet an actor for a meal.

I don’t think it’s going to be Ray Liotta, but considering I have zero thoughts about what kind of women Ray Liotta finds attractive, I can’t really say whether this is a possibility.

I bet Gaga’s parents would be happy if she settled down with a nice Italian boy, but is Ray Liotta that guy???

According to the report, Gaga met up with her former “Sin City” co-star, Ray Liotta.

The two had a private dinner at L’ Artusi, an Italian restaurant in New York City.


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