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So begins season seven’s noticeable narrative slump, which is perhaps evidenced best by the clichédway Yvonne’s death is treated — dying in a hospital bed after waking up from a coma and marrying Toby. “These Boots Were Made for Stalking” (Season 7, episode 12)The writers really overestimated how much people would care about a “new” version of a high-school Alison.The last thing we needed weeks before the finale was an unnecessary storyline, and a juvenile one at that.In the end, it was Toby who made the correct call when he asked the ladies to name Spencer's favorite poem in a book she had given him. was completely useless in solving this case.) As for our Liars?The real Spencer immediately revealed the right answer, and Alex was hauled out of the house by a Rosewood police office. Aria and Ezra finally tied the knot in a quaint ceremony in town and announced that after their honeymoon, they're going to look into adopting a baby since Aria discovered she can't have kids.So begins the mighty fall of one of the most divisive characters in 149.“The Devil You Know” (Season 2, episode 5)The biggest drama here comes from Mike’s stint as a burglar and, twist, Hanna confronting Caleb’s foster mom — two characters that mean mostly nothing in the long run. “To Plea or Not to Plea” (Season 5, episode 21)Liars fact-finding missions are true highlights of the show, but the chasing-down of Mona’s old lawyer in this one is a nonstarter. “The Homecoming Hangover” (Season 1, episode 7)Hanna realizes Sean is wrong for her by spending some quality time with Lucas.We then witnessed a classic, "No, I'm the good twin!" scenario as the two identical sisters desperately tried to prove to the group who was the real Spencer.

In honor of their journey, Vulture ranked every episode of ) floated to the top of the list, while the prevalence of supernatural occurrences or excessive focus on tangential stories sank other episodes closer to the bottom. ” (Season 4, episode 14)You’re telling us that Caleb, who loves Hanna unconditionally, would choose to leave her so he can go back to Ravenswood and sleuth around with a random girl he barely knows?This is a classic example of an episode that relies too much on tedious relationship drama that doesn’t move the central mystery forward in any way. “Bloody Hell” (Season 5, episode 21)This is mostly a rising action episode, but it does have A’s classic exploding vial-of-blood gambit that sabotages Spencer’s fancy Oxford interview, which leads to her having a panic attack and scream at the guy trying to talk her down, “Look, I didn’t eat a crayon. Emily tries to get her mom to accept her homosexuality, which goes poorly.I’m just dealing with some oversized toiletries right now! “Kingdom of the Blind” (Season 3, episode 3)The Liars finally confronting Jenna about regaining her eyesight is a plot point ripe with potential, but the result is … Noel Kahn starts trying to blackmail Ezra for grades, and Lucas and Jenna make some big admissions.Hellish events ensue that make them question their decision. “Dead to Me” (Season 3, episode 18)Caleb finally meets his dad, which is cute, but it’s ultimately just another storyline where A sets someone up — and we’ve already got enough of those. “The Mirror Has Three Faces” (Season 4, episode 10)The go-nowhere plot about Ezra’s long-lost child is finally resolved, and new information about Toby’s mom is useful insofar as we learn about her fellow Radley patients. “Let the Water Hold Me Down” (Season 2, episode 16)The emotional weight of Lucas’s potential betrayal — and potential death by drowning — in the previous episode is diminished by the revelation that he was only acting out because …he lost ,000 of Caleb’s money by betting on a basketball game. Besides the part where A swaps the Liars’ Chinese food for live earthworms, this is a pretty meh episode. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” (Season 3, episode 21)Spencer finally breaks the news to the girls that she caught Toby doing work for the A team, and Emily staunchly defends him, raising the question of when the hell exactly Emily and Toby formed this ironclad bond they seem to have.history — fireflies swarming around his cabin to convey that he is at peace. “Exes and OMGs” (Season 7, episode 8)Here we have the late series return of Grunwald, and any mystical Ravenswood connections inevitably weaken the show.


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