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With this change the has will then lookup a list of values.The values function returns a list of the values contained in a hash.This sorted list of keys is then passed to the foreach command and looped through as usual.Note how the order is printed in value order - however it is still alphabetical ordering.

This article describes the main functions and syntax rules for for working with hashes in Perl.This allows us to mix variables with plain text and escape characters like newline (ā€™\nā€™) for convenient printing.The each function returns all keys and values of a hash, one at a time: Although the internal ordering of a hash is random, it is possible to sort the output from a hash into a more useful sequence.A common way to access all the key value pairs of a hash is to use loop through the list returned by the keys function.For example: In the above code we used the keys function to return a list of keys, looped though the list with foreach, and then printed the key and the value of each pair.But the latter option enables you to snap windows to conkys border using resize key-binds in e.g. Some have experienced problems with conky showing up under GNOME. Conky has the ability to display RSS feeds natively without the need for an outside script to run and output into Conky.


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