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Thoms by Lee in 1869 as well as a small piece of the leather from Lee's chair in his chapel office at Washington College when the… The CDV photograph features a young soldier standing next to a table.

The strikingly handsome Captain is wearing a double breasted coat. Very nice Civil War period lithograph of General Mitchel. Image is very clean and crisp with excellent contrast. He is seated in a chair by a table wearing his trade mark dark civilian suit. The General is posed in front of a painted backdrop of a large walled in… He is posed seated in a high-backed chair with his forage cap in his lap. He is wearing a dark colored frock coat with shoulder boards and light colored trousers. This CDV is a bust image of Murray in dark civilian suit with close cut hair. The watch has a silver case with hinged lids front… This pair of cabinet cards show post-war images of Colonel Hilary Herbert of the 8th Alabama Infantry and Colonel Thomas H. The image is clear with good contrast and is mounted on a cream colored backing. CDV is bust view of a bearded soldier in a frock coat. He graduated from West Point 7th in his class in 1852. The regiment was federalized three times during the war. Drum sticks are accompanied by a CDV of Mills, original newspaper article from the Newbern Progess dated June 14, 1862 regarding the presentation, and a lot of documents including GAR certificates for… This large group of images of members of the famous 7th New York National Guard. A magnificent and unique Marine Mamaluke of regulation pattern but with the ability to add… Since the blue silk field is new it is in excellent condition. This group consists of four famed items relating to the 91st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. CDV lithograph shows Pope in the uniform of a Brigadier General posed with one hand thrust in his coat a-la-Napoleon. Bottom front of mount has faint incorrect period pencil… Silver 18th Corps badge identified to Private Joseph Laclair of Company H, 98th New York Infantry, recovered in the greater Richmond area. Under each photo are a few strands of hair from each individual. Offered is a burgundy matted 11" x 14", double matted display with copies of photos of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. This flag consists of a replaced blue silk field with the artwork from the original flag mounted on it. Carbine is a straight-breech, .52 caliber percussion, single shot breechloader fitted… William Starke Rosecrans (September 6, 1819 – March 11, 1898) was an American inventor, coal-oil company executive, diplomat, politician, and… He wears a dark shell jacket with trousers that have been hand tinted a sky-blue color. Offered is a burgundy matted 11" x 14", double matted display with copies of photos of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.I fantastic crime blogger has sent me a list of convicted criminals who belong in this list. I like to have a link to the crime and or criminal so it will take some time.


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