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Probably the most opinion-heavy, socially liberal podcast I've listened to.

Have enjoyed listening, and it shows great promise to continue on its upward trend!

This is precisely why I don't trust her judgement, because she was hoping two people would kiss after their quiz, or interview, or whatever you want to call that awkward date/interrogation was that they were on.

If she believes this was a successful date, then I'd be afraid to be romantically involved with her since I don't think she understands what love is.

It's not a terribly put-together thing, all things considered.

A little hit or miss, especially with the earlier episodes, but entertaining enough to want to continue listening.Just fill out this Google form to be considered or visit Our sponsors for this episode are Third Love, Hello Fresh (code: WHY30), and Daily Harvest (WHY).Especially when you consider the next episode (episode 3) where she's "meddling" with two people on a date.Her friend Kate sounds like someone to stay away from completely, and David (the guy she was on a date with) sounds like a really nice guy, but that episode sort of leaves the listener hanging as to what relief David is going to have.If she were to read this and think that I must have missed something, then the argument can be made that the podcast wasn't put together well enough for me to see what she saw, or feel what she felt.


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