Need help updating ps3 error

About to usb flash to 3.40 and see if my pain goes on. Anyway, I think my system is now back to exactly where my problems started again. But I think I can get it back to version 3.30 without much more of a hassle. I thought I was completely screwed here too, but at least got back to having a functional ps3 instead of a brick.Be nice if sony bothered to research and include the actual steps required to fix this stuff.The update failed and now I receive error code 8002F147.

other than that, I might have to figure out a way to image the HD itself. At this point, I'm on the 3.30 firmware and my PS3 is functioning again. Version 3.4 was downloaded this afternoon directly from Sony. For whatever reason, I can't seem to upgrade to 3.4.On the USB stick I created a “PS3” folder then in it an “UPDATE” folder, and there did I put the downloaded LATEST update file. What I tried, but did NOT succeeded: Tried to restart it, to turn off the power switch, to unplug the power cable, to unplug the USB stick, to reinsert the hdd.…, but nothing worked.The PS3 system did recognize it, and guided me trough options, and asked me, do I really want to update to 3.40 firmware, then I chose YES. Then the system restarted, and began to update again, and again. Any time, when I turned the console on, it started the update automatically.That is not a problem, just watch out, that on the ps3’s hdd do not cover the breathing hole. also short circuited the bios, by contacting the two pins, where is the battery linked. all of them were recognized by the ps3, but never could “restore Ps3 system”.Assemble it, put in the hard drive, and when turning it on, enter into safe mode (there are plenty of posts, how to enter safe mode, I won’t write it down). Personally I think, the problem was, that I did not format the disk into “Dynamic disk”.I found a guide that indicated how to boot into safe mode (essentially holding the power button through a cycle of beeps), but I can't get to the menu.


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