Mike dating

When her friend fails, she is relieved, not wanting to work for someone who was once like her.

When she finds out about the genius that had been taking the LSATs for other hopeful law students, she considers it for a while but eventually calls it off.

During a late night working together, Rachel kissed Mike, a move he later called her out for.

After the awkward yet professional exchanges between Mike and Rachel, Mike, after his breakup with Jenny, finally confirms his feelings for her, and they began secretly seeing each other.

Something which was initially blamed on Louis' relationship with Harvard Admissions Tutor Sheila Sazs.

So Rachel decides to take action and write a letter going over Sheila's head, asking Mike to reference it since he "went" to Harvard. However it turns out that Louis and Sheila's previous interaction had nothing to do with Rachel's rejection.

Initially hurt, Rachel then realized that there is more to the story that Mike is letting on when she sees how much he cares for her.

Rachel grows angry with Mike and ignoring him believing that it is unfair he gets to practice law without going to law school and she has worked harder.

However she soon forgives him, and they begin a relationship. He becomes close with Robert Zane but worries that he will find out about him.

She is a Juris Doctor candidate at Columbia Law School.

is a part-time summer associate at Pearson Specter Litt as well as a former paralegal who is currently engaged to Mike Ross.


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