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In theory, it links the executive’s financial interests with a shareholder’s — executives run the company well, the company does well, everyone’s shares go up in value, everyone makes money.

Options backdating entails altering the date of when the CEO’s stock option was granted to an earlier date when it was worth a particularly low amount.

Back in the day, before Ben Carson was running for the Republican presidential nomination (a race in which, after weeks of saying dumber and dumber shit, he has endeared himself to conservatives to the point where he’s tied with Donald Trump for first place) the former neurosurgeon served on the board of directors for Costco.

According to a recent report from during his time there, the good doctor made out with more than just industrial size tubs of peanut butter and 100 packs of two-ply toilet paper.

So who knows, maybe at the doctor’s next campaign event, expect him to be like, “Yeah, I stole that money, and helped those executives steal that money.

Sure, he did some shady shit, but it’s not uniquely shady — just regular old capitalism-run-amuck-evil-corporate-oligarch shady.And remember that story I told about that Popeye’s where that guy stole that money? I stole that money, too.” And then we’ll elect him president.More proof arrives today that we should have befriended the folks at Broadcom in the early part of this decade.Nicholas surrendered himself to the FBI this morning, according to the US Attorney's Office.® We've obtained a copy of the drugs indictment, and have it available here (PDF warning).In this case, the scheme’s beneficiaries reportedly made out with 3 million over a ten-year period.


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