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The teams sit in a circle and the bags are placed in the middle of the circle. One leader per team should watch over the performance of the task (if a player does not have the courage to do something, another player can step in).

The players take turns to run to the bag for the group and take out a piece of paper. Once the task has been completed the next player runs to the bag to collect a new task.

The first leader should be male and the second female. This leader hides a cup of water behind their back and keeps refilling it from the bucket which remains out of sight.

The aim of this evening is make the children aware of the feelings they experience and to help them keep their feelings under control.

Length: 5 minutes Material: None Choose 3 volunteers who go out of the room with a leader.

The others now agree on an emotion which they can act out well (in love, happy, scared, bored, sad...).

However if a signal is sent along the row when “tails” is thrown, the whistle means a minus point.

“Mistakes” are also handled in this way (if the coin hasn’t even been thrown for example).


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