Is corey taylor dating

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has made the most of his opportunities over the years, but he's also been quite smart about what he's accepted and what he's turned down on his rise to fame.

She took legal custody of him and helped him buy musical equipment.

During a recent appearance on KISW 99.9 FM's ' STP Cast,' Taylor revealed that he was once approached about the series, but that he was never seriously considering it.

"I wanna say about seven years ago, I got called about being on .

At age 18, when Taylor was living with his grandmother, he attempted suicide by way of overdose.

His ex-girlfriend's mother drove him to the hospital in Des Moines and doctors were able to resuscitate him. He agreed to go to one of their practices, and ended up singing in front of them.


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