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There are many different types of tools available to developers, from low-tech stencil kits to high-tech collaborative software.

So I’ve rounded up a few of the more popular ones people are using specifically for i Phone development.

Be sure to try each phrase more than once—Siri has more than one amusing response to most of them.

Finally, since you’ve been such a good reader, here’s a bonus for anyone who wants to change Siri’s gender or nationality or both.

Baig, Bob Le Vitus Your i Phone can be so much more than a communication tool to talk into.

Aside from making calls and creating your contacts, you need to get familiar with the many options available on the i Phone touchscreen.

So ask Siri to “call me Ishmael,” or “call me your majesty,” and impress your friends with your new nickname.

So you have a killer idea for an i Phone app, but when you describe it to people they just don’t get it.

[singlepic id=385 w=150 h=100 float=left] Notepod is a notepad shaped like an i Phone.The following figure shows standard options; the list tells you how to maneuver through i Phone’s touchscreen icons, buttons, and connections. Start with the first tip — later suggestions are more drastic.One last thing: Apple’s free i Cloud wireless storage and synchronization service is strictly optional, but it’s especially useful if you’re planning to use your i Phone PC-free or only plan to sync it with a computer occasionally.As you know, Siri is female by nature (and by default).But you can change her (or his) gender and accent anytime you like.Project Page [singlepic id=392 w=150 h=100 float=left] This plug-in combines Fireworks with some j Query and PHP to give you a prototype you can not only view, but interact with, directly on your i Phone, just as if it’s a live app.


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