I keep dating the wrong guys Thai girl cam chat

He won’t listen or take my advice, and gets very angry and defensive.

Since I joined, I’ve had trouble finding a guy who’s not only someone I can see myself with for a lifetime, but also someone who’s loyal and monogamous.While you might only want to go for the guys with whom you have immediate chemistry, or the ones who seem the most familiar in terms of your “type,” the kind of guys who would make good boyfriends usually aren’t the “love at first sight type.” Here’s what a nice, kind, loving relationship looks like: there is mutual respect, kindness, compassion, honesty and yes –.What I mean by that is, instead of getting mad or frustrated with yourself because you haven’t found the right guy, try instead to forgive yourself.When you are kinder and more loving to yourself, you will find men who are more kind and loving to you.How does this keep on happening to me time after time again…..? Ever feel many of your friends are dating a perfectly nice guy, well it appears that way until things don’t go the way you would like with the one you are dating.This isn’t meant to be critical, it’s meant to help you take a real look at how your life has been unfolding so far, so that you can make some changes for the better.


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