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Additional records researched by Cook come from the beams cut for now-historic homes built in the 18th century, Pederson added.

As an aside, Champagnes reputation for high quality was first established by the Benedictine Monk Dom Prignon, cellar master of the Abbey Saint-Pierre of Hautvillers, who blended different grapes to produce superior wines, and instituted quality control measures to consistently improve their quality and renown.He found that the region has suffered severe droughts in every century through the 1800s.But except for a short period in the 1960s, the dry periods over the past 120 years have been relatively minor.Pederson says the water system emergencies of recent years suggest that “maybe the system is not in tune with the climate.” Ultimately, he said in a talk today at AGU, New York City “is not prepared for the next significant drought.” Pederson and his colleagues looked at 12 species of trees along the Hudson River Valley and, combined with research by Ed Cook, director of Lamont’s Lamont’s Tree Ring Lab, and others, constructed a record of rain and drought going back into the 1500s.There are still a few trees around who’ve seen four or more centuries pass, Pederson said, including on in the Hudson Valley dating to the early 1500s.The terms sparkling wine and champagne, however, have been used interchangeably over the centuries.


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