Gay cristian dating

My friends and I who were in that group now laugh when we think about how we used to cut our worship parties and prayer meetings early because we were under contract not to be out past midnight.

In high school and college, I never drank, smoked, did drugs, had sex, or participated in anything that would be considered obvious, blaring sin.

The radical sexual conformists intended to intimidate people, specifically Christians, into participating, contributing to and endorsing the gay agenda – up to and including subjecting the resistance to an unavoidable unfaithfulness to their religious convictions or the loss of their livelihood.

All the talk about Christians trying to force their morality and beliefs onto unbelievers simply isn’t true.

You wouldn’t believe how open they are about how many random hookups they have, how much they drink, how many drugs they do, etc.

In secular college, anything goes, and people pretty much just do what I want.

This public relations campaign was clearly and predictably dishonest.

My first few years in ministry were focused on middle school ministry, so I didn’t realize how much high school kids drank,smoked weed and had sex until this class of now college juniors was in high school about five or six years ago.

So Christian matchmakers, cake makers, photographers, florists, gift shop and venue owners, pizzerias, bed and breakfast owners, bakers, pizza shop owners, carpenters, and other Christian-run businesses and organizations have been targeted, harassed, retaliated against via prosecution (which in many cases has forced closure) and/or legally required to engage in activities that contradict their religious faith for the sake of legitimizing homosexual behavior through a secular and sexualized agenda.

This cultural and judicial coercion isn’t simply relegated to Christian family business owners.

This decision to compel these Christian matchmaking websites to contribute and create relationships that contradict religious, biblical ideals and beliefs is reminiscent of what happened to Neil Clark Warren’s Christian dating and marriage service e Harmony.

Warren was also sued for “discrimination” because e Harmony didn’t incorporate gay matchmaking for same-sex relationships that could potentially lead to marriage, and he was forced to create a new dating service that included and served same-sex clientele.


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