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However, in TOW Ross's Denial (#6.3) when Chandler suggests turning the spare room into a game room and buying arcade games Monica is vehemently against the idea. After a couple of so-so episodes, the 8th series of ' Friends' gets back into gear with a good episode.

The Joey and Rachel story line is beautifully played, and full of lots of laughs and some genuine emotion.

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But this time it is done in a funny way And we get a very dramatic episode ending.

As time progresses, she begins to have fun living with Joey so much that she decides to stay with him, after Phoebe's apartment is poorly rebuilt (with one bedroom) in the season seven episode "The One With The Holiday Armadillo".

In the Season 5 episode "The One With All The Resolutions", Joey and Rachel kissed on New Year's Day, but this was simply part of a plan to allow Chandler and Monica to kiss despite their currently secret relationship (Joey arguing that Ross would prefer that Chandler kiss his sister rather than Joey and Ross reasoning that kissing Phoebe as the ball dropped would be less awkward than Rachel).

In the season 5 episode, "The One With Joey's Bag", Rachel helps Joey look good for his audition by helping him choose an outfit and accessories including a bag.

When Joey thinks its a woman's bag, Rachel tells him its unisex, which he thinks she wants to have sex with him, which he says he's not gonna say no to, confusing her.


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