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Over the Christmas break, I used my saved-up points and companion ticket to treat Mrs Money Saving Expert to a New York trip, flying out business class and returning first class.If I'd paid cash, it would have cost £12,600 – a completely unjustifiable sum.Fail to pay off the card each month, though, and the interest charge dwarves the gain. Many people still instinctively shy away from this, and consider their debit cards the good guys. Go overdrawn and debit cards incur debt as well, sometimes with higher APRs.Even worse, bust your limit by even a pound for just one day and you may face charges of up to £25.Spend a penny to protect thousands of pounds The Section 75 law is your body armour in a money battle.It means that you can buy goods costing between £100 and £30,000 on a credit card and the card issuer is jointly liable with the supplier should something go wrong (like non-delivery, the supplier going bust or a faulty product).

Credit card advantage one: spending is safer Spend on credit cards and you are better protected, a by-product of the law's attempt to ensure that people actually benefit from what they paid for with "borrowed" money.

As this tweet that I received says: "made the most of the 5% cashback card & earned £100.

Capital One's World Mastercard currently offers five per cent cashback for the first three months up to a maximum of £100 cashback.

I can hear the righteous indignation now: "We're a nation in the midst of a debt-driven crisis, with a trillion pounds of personal borrowing – and now that Money Saving Expert's telling us that credit cards are our friends".

Then they become a powerful weapon, boosting consumer protection and sometimes putting hundreds or thousands of pounds in your pocket.


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