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At the Atlanta Olympics seven girls united a nation with an unlikely triumph. Each in her own way, those champions have spent two decades trying to put that summer behind them. meanwhile, placed the Magnificent Seven among America’s elite all-time Olympians, writing that “until now, [the U.

women’s gymnastics team’s gold rush wasn’t all fairy tale. She always figured she would look just like Retton, a smile spread wide across her face, and yet one small detail also nagged at her: She wasn’t wearing pants.

But the crowd assembled at the Inter­national Gymnastics Hall of Fame dinner is looking back instead of down. That’s how they earned their nickname: the Magnificent Seven. But I’m so glad, after everything, that we’re here now.” The Magnificent Seven ­arrived in Atlanta roughly a week before the Olympics and moved into a fraternity house at Emory University where they had their own chef and security detail as well as newly installed televisions in each room. Sometimes she can’t believe how she reacted to the win, with a mixture of emotions rather than pure joy, or that she cared even a little about her missing pants.

“We were so young.” The images depict the gymnasts as time remembers them: a collective of pint-sized teenagers at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, their faces absent makeup, their bodies without an ounce of fat, their bangs arched outward across their foreheads. See what happens as they inch or walk or run, not On the screens, the video ends as the Americans finish atop the Russians and the Romanians to capture the first team all-around women’s gymnastics gold medal in U. Chow had fallen at the Olympic trials before Atlanta, her face colliding with a balance beam. Teammates could not recall Moceanu’s missing a single attempt in training. “You could feel our lead slipping away.” What happened next turned seven rivals into one magnificent team. (She didn’t.) At 18, she had no idea she would spend the next 20 years simultaneously reliving that moment and seeking to move away from it.

Moceanu had not competed at the trials, shelved by a stress fracture in her right tibia that required bone-stimulation treatments. Looking back, the team events themselves—balance beam, floor exercise, uneven bars and vault—blur together for the gymnasts. the fly that landed on the balance beam, inches from Miller’s face ... Strug went last, and not only did she stumble on her first landing, she also heard her left ankle snap. Strug found her pants and went straight to the hospital, where reporters had camped out in the lobby.

While some may argue this signals a form of racial discernment, it also speaks to the magnitude of Dawes' pioneering achievement. In 1994 at the Coca-Cola National Championships, she became the first U. woman in 25 years to "sweep the board" by winning the all-around as well as gold medals in all four individual events (vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise).

Like Dawes herself, her success was unique."There are girls who come up to me and say that it is because of me that they are involved in gymnastics. For her accomplishments, she was named the 1994 Sportsperson of the Year by USA Gymnastics.


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