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John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson came across Circling in 2008 when they were doing something similar but not as nuanced in a deeper understanding of the masculine and feminine.Jordan Myska Allen encountered Circling in a similar fashion in 2012.From his beginnings in an abusive and alcoholic home in Wisconsin to becoming a major force in the counterculture movement, and then from a life on the run and in prison to a life in a monastery and in service, Denis Kelly’s journey is as entertaining as it is inspirational.Keith Martin-Smith is a freelance writer in Boulder, CO, where he teaches Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Buddhism, and writing.In 2007, Keith met Jun Po Denis Kelly, and in 2010 was given the dharma name Kogen (Tiger Eye) and the title of sensei (teacher).Keith’s first collection of short stories — The Mysterious Divination of Tea Leaves, and Other Tales — was published by O-Books in 2009.

What was starting to be taught was a being present with what is true and, crucially, being able to share this artfully in a way that develops intimacy.

Lastly and importantly when a man and a woman come together in presence and integrity a greater whole can be created that brings a potential for growth that is beyond expectation.

The intention of increasing the power and fulfilment of connection uncovered important wisdom and led to a deeper understanding of authenticity.

This is where leader Decker Cunov started to make serious connections with the Integral world, developing a partnership with Robert Mc Naughton and taking over the Integral Boulder Center from Jeff Salzman.

This gave Circling a home grounded within a second tier base and leadership, and it started to spread from here.


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