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And Valencia just gets better in the upcoming episodes Love, love, love, this show! IMPORTANT QUESTION: What is everyone's favorite song?Hadn't seen any of The CW's previous shows and was kind of hesitant at first, but got smitten by the show after the first episode like Greg did with Rebecca. I mean, within each episode, it's usually pretty easy, but I am barely able to choose between West Covina and Feeling Kinda Naughty!

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This show is so damn good, one might think "Leaving a promising career in NY for THAT? " but that's the point of it: to show how sometimes happiness means having emotional stability and inner peace before a six digit salary or a promotion (just like Rebecca's case), and the balance between fluffy comedy and strong, emotional drama is well achieved. I'm SO HAPPY you're doing this, Nathaniel!!And here's the beautiful funhouse mirror effect: As Paula does this, her own eyes widened to the point that her orbs seem to disconnect from reality; all they see is Rebecca & Josh. Rachel is a lot to take at first so Paula serves as a great proxy window to obsess over what her deal is.That's easier than looking our anti-heroine in the eye. I drove by there the other night and it was hopping.What stood out that I haven't seen mentioned is how great is it to see so many actors of color - where else is an Asian man the romantic lead that the lead obsesses over? West Covina is today Latino and Filipino, so yay for some diversity in casting. Rodriguez Dating is all about finding out if two people have the qualities and compatibility to sustain a relationship over the long haul.As we know, sex is a great thing to do and if you’re dating or boyfriends it’s even harder to keep your sticky hands off each other. But as you get past the honeymoon stage, real life starts to kick in.


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