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According to article 10, law n° 91-22 decreed February 16, 1991 Senegal’s preschool system has two goals: To consolidate children’s identities by anchoring them in the national languages and cultural values.

Since 2007 there has been a focus on DIPE (développement intégré de la petite enfance).

The Ministry of Labor has indicated that the public school system is unable to cope with the number of children that must enroll each year.

As a result, many school-age children seek education and training through more informal means.

As of 2001, 80% of children who started primary school were likely to reach grade 5.This project will establish training opportunities, prepare guides for foreign students, research on existing systems of quality assurance, and assess employment needs.According to Hassana Alidou, the chief of the Basic to Higher Education Section for UNESCO Dakar states that despite some improvements since 2000, the higher education system in Senegal struggles to cope with several challenges, L'Université de Saint-Louis was created January 1990 and was later renamed Université Gaston Berger in 1997.Gross and net enrolment rates are based on the number of students formally registered in primary school and therefore do not necessarily reflect attendance.In 2000, 41.2% of children ages 5 to 14 years were attending school.Article 11, law n° 91-22 dating February 16, 1991 states the Senegalese primary education goals.


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