Dating myself

This year, though, it was less about me spending an hour shaving and more about reflection, introspection, and a journey into the heart of self-love.

Believe me, I’m no expert at the fine art of fierce self-love.

I cannot even begin to convey the level of self-bribing and persuasion that occurred over the four days prior to the date.

When you dance by yourself, there are no judgments, no self-inhibitions.

I allowed my potential for great vacation photographs get overrun by the fear of seeming childish or “uncool” in my pre-teen years. It’s not childish or stupid to be happy, and it is definitely not “uncool” to be yourself.

So, when my family and I (and Myself) traveled to Philadelphia, my goal was to be pictures of my happiness. When I had a man in my life, any time I purchased some new sort of modern furniture from Ikea, I would excitedly dump each and every item out on the floor, angrily curse at the picture instructions, and then ask my suitor to finish putting it all together My most recent purchase was the Raskog, an ivory, three tier utilitarian cart that I planned on using for various pending craft projects in my life.

Working in an office environment, I knew that day would be a difficult one as I watched my numerous women coworkers receive flowers from their loved ones.

I would see it, I would smell it, and I would hate it.

There, waiting for me, was a watering can arrangement of purple, orange, and pink flowers I had ordered online from the local grocery store.The arrangement was beautiful and smelled like sunshine.As I carried it back to my desk, I read the card containing a message from Myself: “ “You got flowers! ” “I didn’t know you were dating anyone.” Those were the statements, exclamations, and questions I heard all day, and to each, I answered—”yes, I did,” “I got them,” and “I’m not just dating anyone — I’m dating .” These untraditional answers were off-putting and met with retorts such as “It’s fine you got yourself flowers.The ability to give a MTV Video Music Awards-worthy performance is never Moral of the story: don’t sweat it; just sweat while you’re doing it.There is power in failing to stay on beat with 40 other dancers, or turning in the wrong direction, only to face those 40 other dancers head on.Like the beginning of any new relationship, it all started with a date.


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