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Hot air balloons dot the sky, the Rio Grande bubbles along tree-lined banks, and the Sandia Mountains float in the eastern skyline.Local dating in Albuquerque captures all this beauty and more.Whether you’re cheering on the cherry red at University Stadium or The Pit (one of the most awesome spots to catch the NCAA in the country), there’s no better way to bond with your newfound love interest.It’s one of the city’s most stunning sights and one that sets Albuquerque apart from the rest of the country.• Saddle Up - Take a trail ride at Running Horse Ranch.A guide will lead you as you trot through the neighboring ranches and then canter along the historic cottonweed trees lining the regal Rio Grande.And you’ll thank them when they start showing you around to the places (hint: El Patio or Barela’s).By the time you’ve chowed down, knocked a few back and rooted for your new home team with your Burque sweetie until your throat’s hoarse, you’ll be wondering what all the major league hype is. The way Burquenos get out for the Lobos game is almost akin to their feeling about green chiles.

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What could be better than setting in for a good cuddle with a thrilling haboob rolling over? Sopapillas with powdered sugar and sweet glaze drizzled all over it with chocolate translates roughly to this: “I want to grow old and binge-watch Netflix all the time with you and only you.” It’s always just shy of 100 degrees throughout the year in ABQ, and the most rain you get is less than two inches on average in August. But don’t fret—there’s no doubt your ABQ sweetie knows just how to keep from getting scorched, and even better, how to get beautifully bronzed. Sure, it’s probably the most recognizable symbol in New Mexico, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

Your Burque boo won’t be able to wait to get you to the Balloon Fiesta!

You’ll watch beautiful balloons of all shapes, sizes and characters rise up against the sky until the stars come out.

Between snakes, huge spiders and scorpions, there’s a whole menagerie of desert life to get used to in ABQ.

But if your furry best friend can stand the heat, your Burqueno is gonna love them almost as much as they love you—because they finally get a break from the exotic beasts living right outside their door.


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