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I propose for a bit of Halloween fun, we change the names of the chat rooms.

Possible names for various chat rooms could be, as follows: Achievement Addicts Anonymous - Sacrificing Addicts Anonymously Aimless - Aimless Cornmaze Anonymous - In the Shadows Ant Hill - Horror Hill Atlas Park - Witch's Brew Bat Country - Transylvania (or the original name) Café Kong - Café of Trickery Chatmasters - Puppet Masters Chill Lounge - Corpse Party Cookie Kingdom - Blood Kingdom Danish Dynamite - Brand's Bar Devourers of Souls - Hungry for the damned Dragon's Cave - Evil Lair Dystopia - Dystopian Future Entropic Delirium - Ghostly Confusion Fear of the Dark - Don't Be Afraid Feed the Ducks - Fear The Pond Gaming at Work - The Deadly Games Hello World!

A few paces northeast of the entrance is a snowberry bush.

There are a number of random encounters nearby including leveled animals and Forsworn.

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On the right-hand side are two more egg sac that you can harvest and just past these is a large perfectly circular hole in the wall with thick cobwebs blocking it. Once you have dealt with the spider, at the back of the hole is an unlocked chest and a skeleton you can loot.

This will enable you to mine the ore veins and then leave.

While allowing yourself to be swept away by the fast moving water, you will be forced underwater several times during the ride, but never long enough to put you in danger of drowning.

There are a couple patches of white cap fungus growing in this passage.

At the bottom the passage turns west and passes a pool that is fed by a waterfall.


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