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After Karl Lagerfeld went crazy and burned everyone’s wardrobes to the ground in the global garment fire of 2012, it’s a shit-storm out there.

I’ve got supermodels coming in buying all the satin muumuus their twig arms can carry. One minute you’re a kid staring at the future with your eyes wide open, dreaming about the day you can kiss rules and PG programming goodbye, and the next the future is right here – and what it looks like is the basement room of a dilapidated share-house that floods when it rains and has padded walls, because the room used to be a recording space, with no prospects and no one to hold your hand.

The outside of Whipstaff echoes the famous undulating exterior of Gaudi's Batlló with the 'whale jaw' balconies, the painted diamond "tiling" seen inside the entry mirrors the "dragon scale" roof of Batlló, the main room borrows directly from the unique stained glass, woodwork, and organic shapes found on the Noble Floor of Batlló, and the swirled ceiling seen in Whipstaff Manor is an almost identical replica of the ceiling in Batlló.

Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson, the famous Hollywood actors, into whom Dr.

The three ghosts sang about their mental problems during a session with Dr. It was dropped because of cost; the animation would have cost a few million dollars.

A live-action sequel was proposed, and a preliminary script was drafted, when production wrapped.

My efforts were typically met with laughter and my dad’s spot on impression of James Caan in Mickey Blue Eyes: “Fugghettabout it.” I was forced to spend my childhood watching my dream from the sidelines, writing one-liners for my sitcom or preparing interview answers for Oprah.

I authored plays, forcing my little brother and cousins to learn lines and don ridiculous costumes.

A musical scene, titled "Lucky Enough to Be A Ghost," was scripted and filmed.

Harvey changes, when he is possessed by Stretch, Stinky, and Fatso, are famous for playing vigilante policemen in classic action film franchises: Clint Eastwood is famous for playing Detective Harry Callahan in Dirty Harry (1971) and it's sequels, which Eastwood played from 1971-1988, and Mel Gibson is famous for playing Max Rockatansky in Mad Max (1979) and it's sequels, which he played for 1979-1985.

Like a stud-horse in a suburban backyard, I never really had a chance. My dad celebrated his eighteenth birthday with his mother and two siblings on the immigration boat from Sicily and twenty years later he met my mother, who was twenty-eight and on vacation in Australia from Palermo.

Life now is much like it was in high school: I’m here wondering whether everyone is really having as much fun as they seem to be, and if they are, why aren’t I?

And I’m still pissed off that life doesn’t look like it does in the movies.


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