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  He and Ilaunched into a long conversation about the term. I felt perfectly comfortable hanging out with my Zim boyfriend, but, I noticed when we would walk into Primi Piatti in Rosebank or News Cafe in Rivonia, people would stare.They were quick ones to be sure but there nonetheless.A black girl with light brown hair and gray eyes, she was well educated and spoke fluent Italian. In this case, he was the one with money and she was the one with the passport he desired.As soon as he qualified for his citizenship he wanted a divorce.For them, a woman wearing athleisure wear is coming from the gym not going out on even a casual date.If this is the type of man you are trying to attract leave the yoga pants at the studio and the cheap shoes at the discount store.While I will always identify as black, of African descent, it doesn’t mean my date has to accept it.Years ago, I went to a party with my friend’s brother in Pretoria where everyone was Xhosa, Swazi, or Zimbabwean.

Across Africa, when speaking with European men, I encounter the mentality that I as an American am more one of them (Euro) than(locals).

Intercultural dating can be a learning opportunity for both parties—enjoy.","excerpt":"Intercultural dating can be a learning opportunity for both parties but there are a few common issues Black women face.","submitted_on":"2017-04-04T.740Z","publish_on":"2017-04-06T.296Z","__v":0,"_edit Lock BY":null,"created At":"2017-04-04T.740Z","created_at":"2017-04-04T.740Z","updated_at":"2017-04-04T.740Z","deleted_at":null,"is Scheduled":false,"post_status":"publish","post_to_social":false,"listicle":[],"content":[,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,],"comments":[],"_series":[],"_medias":[],"_editors":[],"slug":"5-issues-for-black-women-dating-abroad","categories":[,,,],"tags":[,,,,,],"wp_ID":"HJq-W2M-pe"}"As a solo traveler who is often overseas for extended periods of time, there is no avoiding dating, in fact, it is something I embrace.

Sure, there are many other situation-specific issues one will encounter but these overarching themes, I have seen played out in my own experiences and those of my friends.

Yes, it may be true when speaking of some Judeo-Christian holidays or democratic values.

However, it doesn’t mean I am okay with listening to the white expat b***hfest about how irritating “these Africans are with their…” For me, it’s the same as complaining about black folks at home, I can do it among other black folk but, I take offense when white people do it. “ But I am black, both of my parents are black, that makes me black too.” I have repeated this in five languages; most of the time to no avail.


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