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Sachs was a European conglomerate that bought up many of the formerly independent French parts makers, including Atom/Maillard/Normandy (hubs, pedals, freewheels) Huret (derailers) and Sedis (chains.) Sachs also made multi-speed internal-gear hubs in 3-, 5-, 7- and 12-speed versions.Their "3 x 7" hub was a hybrid system, a 3-speed internal hub that took a 7-sprocket cassette, providing 21 speeds with only one chainwheel.A major contribution was to discard the idea that a tandem should be as much like a solo bike as possible, with a short wheelbase for good handling.By increasing the room for the stoker, Santana made the tandem much more pleasant to ride. There is a third type of valve, very rarely seen in the U.If the threads do not extend full length, technically it is a "bolt" but only pedants insist on this distinction.

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A touring bag, which is attached to the rear of a bicycle saddle.

The bicycle division was sold to the SRAM Corporation, in November 1997.

Most of the products formerly called "Sachs" are now called "SRAM." Up-to-date information is on the SRAM site.

Before Santana came onto the scene, there had been low-quality nass-produced American tandems, mediocre mass-produced French ones and a few high-grade custom ones from English and European makers.

Santana undertook a major rethinking of tandem design.


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