Be2 dating updating gigabyte k8u 939 bios

So I actually did this, with no result forthcoming.Even if you do try to use the site which I have never been able to do, it is very dodgy.This is definitely not made clear and many people have obviously fallen for it.They tell you that if you want to stop the charges or complain you actually have to write to an address in Luxembourg!They use pictures of models but when you go to the profile the face is blurred out. i joined up for the 6 month subscription which was advertised for .98. Currently in dispute to have my money returned through the bank and Paypal.Nowhere in their T&Cs do they state hidden charges im wondering if there is a way this company can be closed down through ACCC?Easy to join - try getting out if you are not satisfied - almost impossible. There is no way to contact them and no recourse for thos who have been entrapped by them.

They have sent threatening emails and now an email from a debt collection agency for nearly 0. B2 is a disgusting disgrace to the dating sites that are doing a good job online. THEY ARE A SCAM I too thought I was paying something for a week but my credit card was debited over 0.Took out free month subscription and was spammed by scam women constantly.I tried to cancel but their website v poor but eventually managed to send them cancellation request. I suspect those dating rating websites are operated by them. Ability to communicate woeful, ability to cancel, zero!Once you pay 0, you discover that the profiles are fake.Example would include, same picture with different names and ages. I have sent the website plenty emails requesting return of my money.Will I recommend be2 NO BECAUSE YOU ARE IN ONLY TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF LONELY PEOPLE NOT REALY TO MATCH THEM, what is the point of stipulating what age group men you are looking for when be2 sends you matches 15 to 20 years younger...


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