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AVG Antivirus Free is provided as a web installer by default, but you can grab offline installers that weight in at around 200 Megabyte as well which don't require an Internet connection during installation.Installation of AVG Antivirus Free is straightforward but if you have certain security products installed on your system already, you are asked to remove those first before you can run the installer again to install AVG Anti Virus Free.This is the case when you click on "fix performance" in the main interface for instance.While it will scan for junk files, disk fragmentation or Registry errors, it won't fix those but suggest you get AVG PC Tune UP for that instead.View Logs has the following error 15 minutes after the update was started: -Update Timeout Script succeeded but client never reported update success AVG user interface on the endpoint itself shows latest definitions installed.ANSWER When an update is scheduled by KES, the Kaseya Security service on the endpoint uses an API to initiate the AVG update and reports the status back to the server.The advanced settings provide you with quite a few options to configure program behavior.These customization options are definitely one of the strengths of AVG Anti Virus Free.

Once you have installed the program it loads the main interface.

You can select a different installation location on the local system, and disable the Web and Email protection components that the program ships with.

Web protection installs a Link Scanner module only, and not Online Shield which is only included in AVG Anvi Virus Pro or Internet Security.

AVG Anti Virus Free is a longstanding security program for Microsoft Windows that protects computer systems from viruses, trojans and other malicious code.

One interesting fact about AVG is that it maintains two free antivirus solutions, namely AVG Anti Virus Free and AVG Protection Free.


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