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Similarly, Rose's GNR bandmate AJ Ashba told TMZ, "I don't think they're dating" he said and believes they are just friends.

Tell Us: Do you think Del Rey and Rose would make a cute couple?

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I feel connected to two emotions -- aggression and softness.

The Guns N' Roses frontman was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood with Del Rey on Friday, and the singer attended two consecutive Guns N' Roses shows in Los Angeles last month, Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba previously told TMZ that he doesn't think the two are a couple. "Axl is a really cool dude and he likes to hang out with cool people."Del Rey, 25, has been a fan of the 50-year-old Rose for some time.

Prior to her success with the viral pop hit "Video Games," the singer recorded a song called "Axl Rose Husband," in which she sings "You're my one king daddy, I'm your little queen." You can hear the song – which was sort of creepy to begin with, but is even more so now that the two know each other and may be hooking up – below.

Let's just stick to the hard evidence: Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose were photographed leaving the Chateau Marmont together.

The New York reports that the two "left with a female friend — Rose almost climbed into the backseat of the SUV with Del Rey before popping into the front seat." This, paired with the fact that Lana Del Rey once recorded a song called "Axl Rose Husband," was more than enough to start a frenzy of Laxl Del Rose relationship speculation.


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