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“This is an opportunity to go beyond PIFs (Personal Information Forms) and MIFs (Ministry Information Forms) and match faces and personalities with names.” In a perfect world, all 27 call-seekers will be employed by the time Big Tent concludes on July 8, as there are also 27 calling organizations represented at this Face-to-Face.

But, of course, that’s not the way the PC(USA)’s call system works.

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Having just concluded a five-year call as an evangelist with a new worshipping community called the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center, Merritt was at his first-ever Face-to-Face.

“I’ve had a long, circuitous route around the PC(USA),” Merritt said.

On March 12th, the third installment of our four day recruiting series, “I Met My Agency @ SXSW” focuses on bringing together agencies and professionals in the fields of advertising, PR and social media.

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Exposure's retains its digital remit across Sea Life London Aquarium, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, Merlin said.

“This [Face-to-Face] is a really good idea – an orderly, Presbyterian way of doing things.” Ashley said CLC has added education components to Face-to-Face events in recent years, including PIF and MIF training and feedback and training for Pastor Nominating Committees.

“We want to provide help and resources to all parties in the call process,” she said. “The PIF review-and-feedback is a great service,” she said.

Her phone rang several times during this interview.

“I’ve had one interview already this morning and have another one this afternoon,” she said.


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