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Then you have to blackmail her and this is almost done. (I can`t quite figure out how to bang The exotic bar girl, Mrs. This was a lot of fun, the art was good, the girls were beautiful and willing, and the plot worked even though it was simple. A quicker game but with more options would be better. Good graphics, good story and endings, but only so so on the interactions... Ending 1: Go straight to Mrs Adams house and tell the truth. Saturday, Morning: Visit hotel, go to lobby, give Mrs Edwards medicine.The options were decent, and I look forward to discovering the ones I missed. Great to get a new game but agree with some of the others here that something with more depth (ie: keely) or the original LOP2 would be even better!!! Liked the story, but there could have been more depth. It took a few plays to finally start figuring things out, after that it got a lot easier. Ending 2: Acquire 2 pieces of evidence, then go to Mrs Adams house and blackmail her. Evening: Visit bar, buy Mrs Adams a drink and ask about her affairs. Night: Visit bar, join Mrs Adams and Jerry and pay 0 for a full bottle. End of the week: Turn in evidence for ending 4, or don"t for ending 5.It still depends on how generous to you the game will be with money early on, but this path *typically* will give you the most action ...Park - Finally got my new laptop and now i can play this game.Make new friends or find a new lover in the massive Virtual World.Info: This is second game from creator of "Valentina's Story".Info: New game, where you will embody the life of a young man.That he has been alone with his sister in the house of his stepmother and his two daughters.

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It also contains flash mini-game, where you have to find exact spot on a picture presented to you to see Angelinas face covered with cum. Well, we all know solitaire from the old Windows 3.1 :) And this game is even more fun, coz it has sexy nude babes on picture cards.

It is possible to get all sex encounter in one row: 1. )-Sex Shop- Bar- Bar (second Lesbian Szene,blond girl, with dildo), day 7: House (Blowjob Mrs. I`d almost have to guess it is an older title, sort of a stepping stone. If I`m lucky the map turns up the first time so I can, for example, visit the hotel but after I leave the hotel (or whatever I chose) all I get is the black screen with that white "pulsating" loading thingy.

Anyway, I`ll grant that it is a challenge and for those that love a challenge for the challenge itself, it`s worth a shot. The complexity of this game is quite challenging, but not to the point at which it it just too frustrating to continue.

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